Strong Built Structures

Built to Last

Technologies and Strengths

The strengths of concrete modular housing result from the construction process which enables:

The walls offer a perfect resistance to climatic stress. The exterior walls can be given any number of finishes simply by adding form liners during the casting process.

The upper slab of our concrete modules is the ideal medium for receiving a green roof or terrace. Wood trusses or SIPS can also be used to provide a pitched roof if desired.


The thermal performances of a STRONG BUILT unit can go beyond those defined by the 2012 thermal regulations. The sandwiched, polystyrene thicknesses, which can range from 1.5” to 6”, have R-values up to 36. The units are also incredibly air tight due to the monolithic casting. The high R-values, coupled with the “tightness” of our precast modules, creates a structure with unsurpassed energy efficiency.

LEED Points

The Strong Builtadvantage offers numerous contributing elements to the accumulation of LEED® Credits for certification of a building or structure. Our professionals can work with your team to develop the best strategy for maximizing the benefits of utilizing our precast modules within your project. A few examples of the ways our unique modules can contribute to your Green Building plan are provided here: