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Everyone should be able to feel safe in their home. Now I do, with the addition of my StrongBuilt saferoom, - Nilaree Manning

Why have a StrongBuilt Saferoom?

Safety is not something that should be questioned. You have the right to feel as if nothing can get in the way of your ability to protect your family, including a storm. Mother Nature can be brutal, and often times is. When it is up to you to choose what is best for your families’ protection, a safe room by StrongBuilt Structures is always the superior option.

When you purchase a safe room by StrongBuilt Structures, you are not just ensuring your family's safety, you may be saving their lives, and your own. With our design, you will not only be able to ride out the most brutal storms, but you will be able to do so comfortably. Your structurally sound safe room also adds to your living space when you choose the option of attaching it to your existing home.

While safety is so important, it is often inconvenient and unaffordable. Why should you have to go through lengths to protect your loved ones? Simple, you shouldn't. When you purchase a StrongBuilt Structure, we transform the radical illusion that safety has to be difficult, and strive to make installation an easy and affordable process. In total convenience to you, your safe room is built right on your property, and can be attached to any existing home.

StrongBuilt Structures are also unlike any other advertised safe rooms. Our design is not only stronger and more durable, but you can also have confidence that that your investment will be well worth it. Apart from the standard safe room; that is significantly smaller, and only useful in dire situations, a StrongBuilt Structure actually adds to your living space!

You deserve honest protection that is not only there to guarantee your safety, but also provides livable space that will be of use even on those bright and sunny days. With even a possible 20x21ft. design optional to be attached to your home or placed in an outside area of your choice, our safe rooms are anything but a bad investment. Your insulated safe room can also be fitted with a bathroom, kitchenette, and other standard household utilities. Custom add-ons like shingled rooftops and outside cladding are also available, to make your safe room feel just like home.

The safest place in your home should provide you with honest security and protection. That place is not in the bathtub or under a mattress. That place is in your safe room, out of harm's way, and far from danger; with all of the comforts of home. We provide a large insulated space that can even be fit with standard household utilities. Imagine, being able to walk into your safe room like it is any ordinary part of your home, but knowing it could save your life in a dire situation.

We beat our competitors with safe rooms that are larger and stronger. Instead of semi-safe closet-like spaces, that barely increase the value of your home, we raise the bar with ultimate protection and large spaces. All of our saferooms come standard with 9’ ceilings. Dimensions range from 10’x10” to 20’x40. This means your StrongBuilt saferoom is a real room. Customers also use their StrongBuilt saferoom as a quest suite, a place for mom, or mancave. With easy on-site installments that are budget friendly, the only question you'll have is, why you don't own one already.



Everyone should be able to feel safe in their home. Now I do, with the addition of my StrongBuilt saferoom, - Nilaree Manning


Strong Built Structures Provide Uncompromising Safety:

The Strong Built system centers on high performance concrete

Concrete house survives where all others failed
Windblown debris tests at Texas Tech
Sample Floor Plan
Customizable Exterior

Base Saferoom Pricing *Includes saferoom and FEMA rated door. Contact Us for more information.

Saferoom Dimensions Square Foot Area Base Price Price per SF Occupant Capacity per FEMA for: Residential Saferoom *Tornado Other Residential or Community Tornado Saferoom
8x10 80 $21,496.19 $268.70 19 12
10x10 100 $22,424.93 $224.25 25 15
12x12 144 $23,039.21 $159.99 40 22
12x14 168 $24,787.05 $147.54 45 27
14x14 196 $26,534.89 $135.38 54 32
14x16 224 $27,864.87 $124.40 62 37
16x16 256 $29,194.84 $114.04 72 43
16x18 288 $30,926.31 $107.38 82 49
18x18 324 $32,657.77 $100.80 93 56
18x20 360 $33,323.69 $92.57 104 62
20x20 400 $33,989.60 $84.97 116 70
20x21 420 $33,974.44 $80.89 122 73
20x40 800 $61,418.87 $76.77 241 144

Prices NOT included in Base Price are:

Exterior cladding (Brick, Rock, Siding, etc.)

Electrical Wiring




Tornado Community Safe Room Occupant Minimum Usable Floor Area* per Safe Room Occupant
Standing or Seated 5 square feet
Wheelchair Bound 10 square feet
Bedridden 30 square feet
*See FEMA P-361 for more information on usable safe room floor area.